We have many exciting upcoming events ranging from fundraisers, holiday parties for the whole family, paJAMa parties for kids, and support groups for parents. 

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Complimentary Speech therapy, occupational therapy & physical therapy Screenings

Do you feel your child is not saying any words and should be?  Do you have concerns about handwriting or walking?  Schedule a free screening on the first Thursday of every month to have an speech pathologist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist determine if an evaluation or therapy is needed.  Open to all ages - Limited Spots Available!

  • Registration is required one week in advance. Email Cost: Complimentary When: First Thursday of every Month Starting at 4:30 PM


Errands to run?  Date night?  Or just want to read a book?  No need to get a babysitter!  Drop your kids off at Princeton Playspace for some guaranteed fun.  We will be throwing our version of a pajama party filled with pizza/juice, dancing, games, themed craft, and movies complete with popcorn!  The theme for Thursday September 27th 5:30-8:30 PM is Game Night!


Keep an eye out for our community fundraisers and charity events.  We want to give back to our community in any way possible.  We also want to make the spirit of giving a way of life for our children.  During these events we will teach children through a hands-on activity the importance of giving back.  For instance, we may build fruit baskets and involve children by decorating and selecting canned goods, fruit, and other treats to include inside.  We look forward to helping others together as a team!

Parent Workshops

Want to get out of the house and meet new parent friends?  We know it takes a village to raise a child.  Come join us to learn about a variety of topics (eg – baby’s scheduling, sleep, mealtime, speech and language development, financial planning, traveling with your baby, choosing childcare, etc.).  Speakers and moderators with a background in the specific topic will be present.  RSVP required to (unless otherwise specified).  

Picky Eaters Workshop with Speech & Feeding Therapist Dani Blum - Wednesday 9/26 5:30-6:30 PM - COMPLIMENTARY

Are mealtimes difficult in your family?  Do you feel like you have a picky eater?  Come learn some tips & tricks to get your children to try new and healthy foods!  And sometimes a case of "picky eating" may be more than that as in sensory or physiological issues that may have been previously overlooked.  RSVP to

"What's in Your Bag, Mama?  A Helpful Guide to the Crunchy Mom's Everyday Tote" with Dr. Conny Garefino, DC - Friday 9/28 11-12 PM - COMPLIMENTARY Reduced Rate of $10/Child if you would like to join open play after!

This workshop will include topics such as: What do we carry with us for immune support for the kids?, Nursing moms guide to quick GO TO’s, What NOT to bring with you (to prevent a meltdown), Tricks and tips for on the go CHILL ZONE, Diapers, creams and potions; what to avoid and what to consume,. Dietary MUST KNOWS for the mom on the go.  Lunch will also be included!


Congratulations!  Not into Lamaze or birthing classes?  Come to our low-key workshop and get the basic facts about parenthood!  A professional will review how to hold, burp, change, swaddle, and comfort your baby.  Infant CPR training will also be included.  Various other topics such as development, getting your baby on a schedule, breastfeeding, feeding solids, etc. will also be discussed! 

  • Registration is required one week in advance. $75 (per couple; future babysitters/nannies are also welcome!)


Come check out the latest innovations in the baby industry!  Representatives from various companies will be present and guests are allowed to try the best products out there ranging from baby food to baby strollers.  The best part is you meet other parents expecting a little bundle of joy.  Yummy treats and mocktails will also be served!  Every guest will receive a gift bag. 

  • $50 (per couple)


Looking for the perfect fit for your child when it comes to nursery school or private school?  Here are all of your options in one place!  Meet preschool and elementary school program directors and have all of your questions answered!

  • $20 (per couple)